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New Products 21 August 2014
Kongsberg V Series
Esko has added the Konsberg V Series to its family of finishing tables. The new series promises reliability, precision and ease for companies in the packaging and sign and display markets looking to provide its customers with productive digital finishing.

Two standard configurations are offered with the series:
The Kongsberg V for sign & display includes a MultiCUT tool head for vision controlled cutting and routing. The MultiCUT combines all tool insert options with an air-cooled milling spindle up to 45.000 RPM, meant for a wide range of sign and display materials including acrylics and other synthetics. The camera system and front-end software makes it ideal for production of lower volumes of signs and displays.

The Kongsberg V for packagin
g is configured for sample making, short run production of mockups and other packaging-specific applications. It is outfitted with a FlexiHead, which offers highly accurate, powerful cutting and creasing of packaging material such as folding carton and corrugated board. The FlexiHead is attached to a very precise servo axis controlling the tool depth when cutting, creasing and routing. Three configurable tool stations accommodate a full range of standard tool inserts.

The V series is available in two sizes; V20 and V24 and can work on material with sizes 1700x 1300mm/66x 51” (V20) and 1700x32000/66x126” (V24).
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