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New Products 4 April 2018
Agfa Launches Eco-Freindly Adamas Plates
New line of eco-freindly plates
New line of eco-freindly plates
Adamas are a pre-heat-free, chem-free printing plates  for  newspaper market and commercial printing applications – based on patented ThermoLink technology. Image quality, productivity and versatility with a minimal ecological footprint–  Adamas, Agfa Graphics’  pre-heat-free, chem-free photopolymer printing plate. 
 Adamas combines an image quality of 240 lpi Sublima, a run length of up to 350,000 revolutions with predictable, low dot gain and compatibility with most thermal platesetters on the market, as well as the Adamas clean-out unit.A  this plate covers a wide range of applications in both newspaper printing (e.g. thermal computer-to-plate printing) and commercial printing (e.g. web and sheetfed printing, including conventional UV, and low-power UV inks).
New Products
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