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New Products 17 February 2019
New On Demand Case Book Binder
Super Sewer XXL
Super Sewer XXL
The Next Generation Super Sewer™ XXL is an automatic side-sewing machine designed for producing ‘on-demand’ books from wallet to tabloid size and up to one-inch thick. The Super Sewer™ XXL features the same Back Tack Technology™ as in the original Super Sewer™. The machine does a reverse lock-stitch on the head and foot of the book block ensuring a very strong side sew which will not come apart. The Super Sewer™ XXL pre-drills holes prior to thread stitching enabling the book block thickness up to one inch.
On Demand Machinery
On Demand Machinery
The Super Sewer™ XXL can sew up to 400 books per hour and is easy to operate with a touch screen LCD color control panel, high speed drill station and vacuum drill waste removal system.
Book size: Minimum: 5” x 5” (125 mm x 125 mm) Maximum: 18” x 18” (450 mm x 450 mm); up to 1” (25 mm) thick. CE approved.
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