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New Products 5 July 2018
Sapphire Envo Flexible Packaging Press
flexible packaging digital press
flexible packaging digital press
Uteco Group and Kodak expand label and flexible packaging possibilities with the Sapphire Evo digital printing press.  The press addresses a full range of low and high-volume applications that produce up to 20m2 per year.
As the demand for mass versioning and customization of packaging grows globally, hybrid flexo, gravure and digital. 
Using Kodak Stream Inkjet
Using Kodak Stream Inkjet
The Sapphire EVO brings digital has the  capabilities of printing over 9,000 linear meters per hour, with compelling economics. Utilising KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology, it delivers excellent print quality on a variety of packaging films and papers. The Sapphire EVO uses media up to 650 mm in width and prints at up to 622mm and offers CMYK printing as well as options for in-line priming and varnishing.
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