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New Products 26 February 2019
Fuji Introduces Acuity LED 40 Series
Acuity LED 40
Acuity LED 40
The new Acuity LED 40 Series of mid-volume UV flatbed printers for customers in the sign and display graphics industry, offering  print quality and application versatility with rigid or flexible substrates. Designed to be a cost-effective printer  as well as existing Acuity customers considering an upgrade, the Acuity LED 40 Series provides production capacity speeds up to 538 square feet per hour. The standard model enables users to print on media or objects of any size up to 49 x 98 inches,
while with the X2 (double bed size) model, increases to 98 x 121 inches. The 40 Series also features an added benefit of instant-on for immediate printing, eliminating the need to wait for the printer-to-warm up, which is an added benefit to customers who are not involved in all-day production runs.  The Acuity LED 40 Series utilizes a new LED ink by Fujifilm, Uvijet KL, and is available with four, six or eight colour channels.
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