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News 11 September 2015
Mimaki USA Introduces the TS300P production dye sublimation printer
The TS300P production dye sublimation printer is a 77-inch wide, roll-to-roll paper printer, with print speeds up to 1238 sq.ft. per hour in four-colour mode. It can also print at speeds of up to 700 sq.ft. per hour in six-colour mode. Mimaki’s aim with its latest offering s to offer new levels of quality and productivity for digital textile printing applications requiring transfer to hard surfaces.

The new press has a high head gap setting to prevent contact between the printhead and cockled media, and a new printhead that insures accurate ink droplet placement to help counteract the effects a high head gap can have on the accuracy of ink droplet placement. It also has an auto media feeder to calibrate tension to media, maintaining stable and precise media feed and take-up. Mimaki developed new Sb410 sublimation inks, that will produce deep blacks and near-florescent colours. The four print heads that are included have a total of 3,200 nozzles and up to three different drop sizes, automatically determined by ink type and print mode.

The Mimaki TS300P made its debut in Long Beach, CA during the NB show in late July.

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