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New Products 19 September 2018
Synthetic Paper Sample & Product Guide
The Hop-Syn resource feathures it range of synthetic paper grades, and now includes a companion guide with how-to articles that address the multitude of processes and applications for the durable substrate. The 24-page resource also includes samples of Hop-Syn synthetic papger grades and gauges. Includes grades, G1, G2. XT, TO, DL and BL, which are available in roll widths, sheet sizes and guages for numberous applications. Hop-Syn synthetic paper for P-O-P displays, menus, book covers, ID cards, banners, transit signage, and more.

Hop-Syn is constructed from polypropylene (PP) resins and calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which provide extra durability and weather resistance over pulp-based papers. The substrate is free of toxins, heavy metals and chiorine. It can be printed via offest litho, UV offset, flexo, screen, UV inkjet or thermal transfer equipment.
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