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New Products 21 August 2014
HP releases latest Pagewide product

HP’s latest pagewide product will hit the market in the second half of 2015, taking aim at a segment currently dominated by LED technology. HP promises twice the speed, lower running costs and the ability to print in both black and white and in colour.
The technology is based on the third generation inkjet heads that can be strung together into a fixed array. Each 5” module boasts 25,000 nozzles for a total of 200,000 nozzles in a 40” print bar, the size of the first machine expected out of the lab. The heads are expected to give a 1, 200 dpi and the new heads will make progress in solving a persistent inkjet problem—clogged nozzles. The company’s engineers said they have come up with a way to extend the life of a head with film-forming technology. A film forms a cap on the nozzle that keeps water from evaporating and plug-ups from happening.
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