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New Products 28 August 2018
HP Indigo New 4.0 Features
Indigo HDFM Screen
Indigo HDFM Screen
HP unveiled new Industry 4.0 features for Indigo presses. Indigo HDFM mode1 places ink dots in random-like distribution, eliminating the appearance of rosette patterns and moiré. ElectroInk Silver for commercial print, the new ink enables one-pass printing of stand-out silver applications, as well as a wide gamut of metallic colors using standard papers.
Indigo 10,000
Indigo 10,000
HP SmartStream Collage, a new variable data image printing technology, offers a new twist in automated, unique design by manipulating elements randomly for unlimited brand impact including for logos and symbols, creating new design effects for a variety of commercial, packaging and specialty items. Sophisticated brand protection solutions, including the new HP Indigo ElectroInks UV Yellow and Blue, and other solutions for anti-counterfeiting, track, and trace, as well as process control, are now available.
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