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New Products 9 August 2018
BravoBanner Automated Banner Finishing System
BravoBanner Finishing System
BravoBanner Finishing System
 The BravoBanner system  dual heads apply tabs and tape simultaneously along the top and bottom edge of the banner and are easily adjustable to accommodate variable widths. With hem taping speeds of up to 80 feet per minute, the BravoBanner system can finish up to 150 banners per hour with 1-2 operators. The machine also punches rope holes.
The system’s  mechanical footprint (less than 50 sf - about the size of a large office desk) .“The BravoBanner System automates the banner finishing process for high volume banner production,” explained company president, Rick Hatton, “Surprisingly, as mature as the banner business is, that has not yet been done. This innovation can create a new model for large-scale banner production efficiency and cost.”
New Products
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