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New Products 5 December 2014
Durst unveils the Rho 1312 and Rhotex Hs

The Rho 1312 is a 98-inch press that prints up to 6,600 s.f./hr with an improved image quality and a higher gloss finish, increased reliability during printing and media handling flexibility, particularly with difficult and heat-sensitive media. The Quadro Array print head applies small droplets of 12 picolitres which allows for high speed printing without compromising the image quality. With its “Gradual Flow Printing,” —stronger vacuum, a wider transport belt and improved media registration— it provides a higher reliability when printing and a better performance with difficult media. The result is smoother tones over large areas.

The Rhotex Hs for soft signage applications can print at speeds of more than 4,300 s.f./hr and has an image resolution of 1,200 dpi. It’s equipped with Durst’s patented QuadroZ print head technology, which is also used in the Durst Kappa series of printers for the clothing and home textiles sector. The Hs has a print width of 130-inch and uses eco-friendly, odorless and VOC-free water-based dispersion inks. The Hs is suitable for banners, displays, wall decorations, signage, parasols, flags, backdrops and outdoor advertisements.

31 July 2015 at 16:09
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