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New Products 22 October 2015
iSys Label announces the availability of white toner
iSys Label, a Canadian developer and manufacturer of short to mid run digital label printers has announced the availability of white toner for its line of label printers.

The developers at iSys created an innovative RIP plug-in for its new software that will allow users to print both background white and spot colour white all in one single pass. The toner will be available on Oct. 1.

The ability to print using white toner opens a range of markets and applications for commercial printers and private brand owners. It’s ideal for printing on dark or coloured substrates, transparent films and textured stocks.  Single-pass technology allows for print on demand, there is no need to invest in new equipment.

Loading the toner is simple, according to iSys: All that’s needed is to replace the black toner and drum cartridges with the white cartridge combination. When users want to return to the four color printing process, all that’s needed is to replace the white toner/drum combination with the original black toner/drum and resume regular printing.

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