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News 11 September 2015
Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) launches the proPrint 30SHS and the photoCut XY flatbed
Imaging Solutions AG launched two new offerings for the finishing of large format posters, images or book covers.

proPrint 30SHS

The proPrint 30SHS laser printer with integrated photo paper development is a laser photo lab system for printing images in genuine photo quality. It’s idea, for high quality book cover prints, posters or large panorama pictures up to a size of 30”, as well as for XXL photo books. It can be upgraded to process unlimited paper lengths.  The proPrint’s printing system is fitted with an integrated nesting software for optimized paper usage and provides a multiple image production-master for increased productivity.

photoCut XY

The photoCut XY flatbed cutter, also with automatic nesting software cuts various formats up to 70” long and 30” wide. The photoCut is equipped with bar code control that scans the code on the print, provided by the proPrint 30SHS laser printer. The cutter then identifies the position of the print and cuts it precisely according to the cutting mark. The technology reduces rejects and saves valuable time and production costs.

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