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News 29 January 2015
The CPEIA gathers 32 founding members in two months
The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) has achieved some major milestones, which include, obtaining 32 founding members, brokering strategic relationships with key partner organizations, and securing major sponsors for the 2015 Canadian Printable Electronics Symposium.

The CPEIA made its debut in November at IDTechEx’s Printed Electronics USA conference, and aims to be the united voice of the Canadian printable electronics sector. The founding members represent a cross section of the industry, from materials, devices and prototyping, to manufacturing, and printing.

“The success of CPEIA and its members is largely dependent on attracting companies that want to create new solutions enabled by PE, such as flexible solar cells, advanced flexible displays, wearable health monitoring devices, new interactive marketing and advertising surfaces, or intelligent labels for advanced retail environments, just to name a few,” Peter Kallai, executive director for CPEIA said. “We will work with end users and market-leading companies that have the vision to partner with PE technology developers and create new categories of products and solutions.”

The association is still looking to add new members. A full list of founding members can be found at the website.
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