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New Products 9 February 2018
UV Low Chemistry Plates
CRON  UV Plates
CRON UV Plates
 The CRON Blackwood Emerald-UV low chemistry plate is unique, streamlines the production process, but also reduce costs and support a higher level of environmental responsibility. With a simple ‘wash out’ bath, plates are press ready in seconds and exhibit perfect dot reproduction, from 1-98% for either stochastic screening (20 micron) or conventional screening up to 200 lpi. Run length is up to 50,000.
The CRON Blackwood Emerald-UV also benefits from eco-friendly platesetting, due to the non-ablative process and the use of a low-chemistry, non-toxic washout solution. This reduces the impact on the environment, as well as delivering significant financial savings on plate chemistry and controlled waste removal. The better contrast of the imaged plate enables the press operators to identify any pre-press errors which helps minimize waste in man hours, ink and paper. The pre-press wash-out also extends the life of fountain solution.For UV ink printing, Blackwood offers UV double coating plate, HUV whose run length is over 50,000 and dot reproduction 1-98% at 350 lpi. For normal ink printing, HU-PXX offers the highest value in terms of price performance. Run length can go up to 100,000 and dot reproduction 1-98% at 350 lpi.
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